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International workshop

Digital Art Practices


Theoretical Assessment

23-24 May 2024

Immersive Lab & Room S.C. 102 

This workshop offers a mixture of theoretical, empirical and practical insights in how to use virtual reality in digital artistic practices and in creation of play spaces, provided by philosophers and artists from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Participants will experience first hand how artists and philosophers working with digital technologies deal with challenges, potentialities and pitfalls of creation with digital technologies, and

make an assessment of the objectives of art practices in light of theoretical reflections on embodiment, virtuality and affordances.


confirmed talks include

Nele van de Mosselaer (University of Tilburg, NL)

“Fictional objects, in-game representations and affordances in virtual game ‘Doors’.


In this presentation, the free, experimental point-and-click videogame Doors ( will be introduced. Through an exploration of the game, Nele presents philosophical problems regarding the fictionality of virtual entities and players' interactions with in-game objects.

Martina Menegon (Vienna, Austria)

“Glitched Identity, Extended Self, Augmented Body”

In this artistic workshop Martina will introduce accessible digital tools for the creation of glitched and extended bodies and Augmented Reality as a way to explore and experience new connections with our digital self.

See Martina's website here.

Kristoff Timmerman (AP Hogeschool Antwerpen, BE)

"Portals between the real and the virtual"


In this workshop, through showcasing his own creations, PhD researcher and VR artist Kristof Timmerman endeavors to unravel the intricacies and vast potential of live performances within virtual environments.

Nathan Wildman (University of Tilburg, NL)

“Is AI Art Theft?”

Is Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E "stealing" human-made art? Nathan will articulate and critically evaluate these allegations of theft, contributing to an ongoing discussion about how AI-produced visual works ethically, politically, and aesthetically impact the visual art world.

Paweł Grabarczyk (ITU Copenhagen, DK)

“How do you move in VR games?”

What is the default setup for enabling movement in VR? From sitting experiences and teleportation to room scale and swinging movements, VR games can amaze and confuse new users. This workshop aims to explore the existing techniques (popular and esoteric ones) and find methods of selecting which work best in what kind of VR projects.

Hemen Heidari (University of Amsterdam, NL)

“Playing the Truth”

Through studying the materiality and agency of VR documentary in constructing and operating documentary narratives, I examine questions such as: how does the immersive and interactive space of the VR-docs structure and communicate truth? And how this virtual truth-making creates new understandings about cinematic narratives and notions about (virtual) realities?

Important information about the Workshop

Participation in the Workshop is free and independent from the Conference.


Registration is required by emailing:

(mention specifically if participation is for workshop only)

Registration for the Workshop is now open and takes place until May 8th. Places are limited.


Priority will be given to PhD students and Postdocs. 

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